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Termination workflow

The best business processes to automate are obviously ones that must be done repetitively. The best processes for Argenti to address are the ones that cross multiple systems and departments which can’t typically be addressed by a singular software solution. Take an example like on-boarding or termination. These decision trees ironically can look very similar from a technical perspective. A hiring agent requests the termination of an employee. A manager approves it. This decision triggers multiple systems to be integrated into a single workflow. In one single step the administrators for payroll, health insurance benefits, retirement funds distribution, unemployment and PTO reimbursement all need to be notified. Once measured completion of all these separate “subplays" are satisfied, the human decision-maker can approve the process capping off one seamless chain-of-efficient-events.

Talent Information Scraping

All businesses at some point will be in the mode of talent acquisition. Efficiency in sourcing, contacting, and interviewing available talent can make or break a company’s ability to hire the right people. Historically candidate profiles have been sourced through job boards or repositories like LinkedIn. Selected candidate profiles are then manually entered into a recruiter management system (RMS). At this point the contacting and interviewing stages can begin. Think for a minute about the amount of manual work that takes place to collect candidate profiles and enter them into a company RMS. These resource-intensive tasks delay the value-added process of communication with viable candidates. While profiles are being collected and entered, your competitors are hiring talent that should have been yours.

Invoice Entry

One process that every business encounters is the receipt and payment of invoices. Traditionally an employee in accounts payable takes a paper or digital invoice and keys it into an accounting system. At the proper time, a paper check, ACH, mobile, or credit card payment is made, and the invoice is closed out. When both the vendor and customer’s accounting systems like Quickbooks can create electronic invoices, an application programming interface (API) can be created to allow the two systems to “talk” to each other. An invoice can be created, sent, and entered automatically. Payment can then be processed, received, and accounted for using similar machine communication

Transcript Entry & Validation

An educational body that oversees the participation of collegiate athletics must validate the eligibility status of first-year athletes on an ongoing basis. For many years this means the collection, manual entry, and validation of over 300,000 high school transcripts from many countries. Unfortunately, there is no standardized format for the creation of transcripts. Many are electronic and come in a variety of appearances, while others are hard copies. Traditionally employees manually key in pertinent class and grade information while others then validate that minimum eligibility requirements have been met. With a combination software combined with artificial intelligence, transcripts can now be entered and validated much more efficiently. Employees can now focus their efforts on exceptions, anomalies, and appeals.

Theft Prevention

All physical store retail locations suffer losses due to theft every year. While some theft predictably comes from customers trying to leave the store without paying, some loss also occurs when customers and even employees enter or scan products improperly. Image recognition cameras now have the ability to see a product in a checkout area and pair it to the receipt that is generated at the same approximate time. If the item being checked out does not match the charge on the receipt, the proper authorities can be notified.

AI is coming, but it’s your move.

Your company will face heavy questions, competition, and process changes whether you adopt early or not. AI *is* coming to your industry. You can either fear it or leverage it. Having a partner in Argenti.AI that plans for evolution breeds adoption success. Let us bring a pragmatic view to this new, nebulous frontier. Take the first measured approach in this new world with Argenti.AI.

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